UT/OC Municipal Alliance Committee

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A Municipal Alliance is a local municipal level organization comprised of community members from various backgrounds that are interested in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. Created in 1989, the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) oversees the Municipal Alliance program on the state level. GCADA receives money for the Alliance program from the Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction Fund (DEDR), derived from fines that are levied upon people convicted of drug offenses. The Alliances contribute to the community’s substance abuse prevention efforts through collaboration, programs, and activities. The Upper Township/ Ocean City Municipal Alliance contributes funds to community awareness activities; recreation and alternative activities, such as Friday with Friends, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Peer to Peer; Red Ribbon Week; After Prom; and 5th grade awareness sessions. Contact the UT OC MAC Coordinator Larry Cole at lcole@uppertownship.com  for further information about the Upper Township/Ocean City Municipal Alliance.


  • Michele Previti
  • Robert Blevin
  • Lisa Rumer
  • Jennifer Elias
  • John Brittin
  • Pastor Mark Brueshoff
  • Ralph Cooper
  • Shannon Pruitt
  • William Snyder
  • Michael Bolicki
  • Sheila Stevens
  • Alissa Petrella
  • Larry Cole

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