Social Media

Upper Township currently utilizes three different social media platforms.  This page will outline what  each platform will be used for so that you can make an informed decision on which feeds to subscribe too.

Facebook – Facebook will be utilized as our main informal social media platform.  Content that will be posted there will include meeting videos, general information, reminders about important dates and stories about the lighter side of Upper Township.  Any postings there are not official statements, but will be as accurate as possible.  In times of emergencies it will be used to update the public, but again all official communications will come from NIXLE or

Twitter – Twitter will be for brief updates and reminders. Tweets will include tax bill reminders, office closures, meeting announcements and public notices.  As with Facebook we will also be using it to keep the public informed during emergencies.

Social Media Agreement

In order to foster positive communication between Upper Township and its citizens we have developed a Social Media Agreement that encompasses all of our social media endeavours. By posting on one of our Social Media sites you agree to adhere to the following agreement.

  • Upper Township does not endorse, support, sanction, encourage or agree with the comments, opinions, or statements posted on this website.
  • Nothing posted here is an official communication from Upper Township.

You are encouraged to post and we do not pre-moderate posts. Posts will be deleted and users banned if the following posting guidelines are not met.
1. No vulgar or obscene comments or posts
2. No advertisements, solicitations or political endorsements.
3. No personal attack on employees, committee members, commenters or citizens
4. No personal or sensitive information (phone numbers, email or postal addresses)
5. Anything not covered above, but deemed by the moderator to be against good public decorum.

Upper Township is committed to keeping this forum of communication a civil and family friendly one.

While we reserve the right to post anytime, we will mostly be updating on business days in the morning.