Tax Collector Contacts

  • Patty Smyth
    Deputy Tax Collector

    609-628-2011 x260

  • Rhonda Sharp
    Tax Collector

    609-628-2011 x270


Township Hall Municipal Building Rhonda Sharp, Tax Collector
2100 Tuckahoe Road Petersburg NJ 08270 Patty Smyth, Deputy Tax Collector
Mailing: PO Box 216, Tuckahoe, N.J. 08250-0216 (609)628-2011 x 260
Tax Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For complete Township information go to
***Every homeowner receives a tax bill regardless of whether his or her taxes are escrowed or not.***

 FINAL/PRELIMINARY tax bills are mailed once a year after the TAX RATE is established. RETAIN BILL FOR INCOME TAX AND APPEAL PURPOSES. If you are a new owner/or just haven't received a bill, by law, it is your responsibility to call and ask for a bill.

DUE DATES – Taxes are due on the 1st with a ten day grace period. Postmarks not accepted.


(If the Grace period falls on a weekend or holiday, the grace period is then extended to the next business day. )

INTEREST CHARGES: Any taxes remaining unpaid after the grace period are subject to interest at the rate of 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% over $1,500 from the due date until the date of payment. Accounts with a $10,000 balance as of December 31st are subject to a 6% penalty.

PAYMENT METHODS: Township Online: Online payments are available at: WWW.UPPERTOWNSHIP.COM Payments made before midnight are posted on day of payment, otherwise on next business day. Accepts checks, debit & most credit cards – service fees apply.

Direct Withdrawal: Sign up for direct withdrawal and have your quarterly tax payments automatically debited from your bank account. Forms are available at WWW.UPPERTOWNSHIP.COM or at the tax office.

Personal Online Banking bill pay: When using your banks on-line bill pay service, allow enough time for bank to mail us the check. Interest (when applicable) accrues each day until payment is received. It can take up to 10 days for us to receive an on-line bill pay check. Please include your block, lot, & qualification number for identification. Check to make sure you are paying the correct amount.

By Check: Detach the appropriate stub and mail with your check - the cancelled check will be your receipt. Include the Block, Lot and if applicable/qualification number on your check. FULL QUARTER AMOUNTS MUST BE PAID – PARTIAL PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AND WE CANNOT ACCEPT POST DATED CHECKS!

Ocean First Bank: CURRENT quarter taxes may be paid at Ocean First Bank in Marmora. You must have a payment stub for each property payment. OCEAN FIRST BANK CANNOT ACCEPT LATE PAYMENTS.

TAX SALE: Any unpaid prior year taxes are subject to Tax Sale. Certified checks are required for all payments on properties subject to Tax Sale. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP TAXES PAID CURRENT TO AVOID ADDITIONAL COSTS, INTEREST & PENALTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE TAX SALE.

ADDED ASSESSMENT bills are mailed in October and the full amount is due November 1st. Added Assessments are any improvement made to the property on or before October 1st of the pretax year and are in addition to the regular bills.

CHANGES: Any corrections in address, assessment, property location, building description, additional lots, land description (lot size) or tax deductions must be directed to the TAX ASSESSOR at 628-2011 EXTENSION 330.

TAX APPEALS: Must be filed at the Cape May County Tax Board by April 1st. Green cards mailed in the beginning of the year will contain tax appeal information. GREEN CARDS ARE FOR ASSESSMENT PURPOSES ONLY, NOT FOR INCOME TAX FILING.