Automated Trash Collection

The placement of the cart shall be as follows: cart shall be placed within 5’ of the edge of pavement or curb, cart cannot be placed within 24” of any mailbox, utility pole, car, tree or other cart, there can be no obstruction between the cart and the roadway. There shall also be no overhead obstructions within 12’. These clearances are required so that the automated arm can reach, grab and dump the cart.

At this time this is all the information available to the public.  As the rest of the program is finalized we will post this information here.  This will include the availability, procurement procedure and pricing for the extra carts.


Resident Letter

An Overview of How to Ensure the Successful Conversion from Manual to Automated Collection (PDF)

Cost Comparison between Automation & Rear Loading Collection (PDF)

Cost Comparison between Automation & Existing Collection (PDF)


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