Gypsy Moth Suppression

The gypsy moth is the most destructive forest insect pest to infest New Jersey’s forests. Repeated defoliation by the gypsy moth represents a serious threat to New Jersey woodland and shade tree resources.

Upper Township coordinates with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to promote an integrated pest management approach, which encourages natural controls to reduce gypsy moth feeding and subsequent tree loss. However, when gypsy moth cycles are at a peak, natural controls have difficulty in preventing severe defoliation. In these special cases, the Department recommends aerial spray treatments on residential and recreational areas using the selective, non-chemical insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis.  In the Fall the Department surveys the entire Township for gypsy moth egg masses including areas reported by Township residents.

Spraying usually occurs during the first week of May.  Residents in the affected spray area will be notified by mail.  You can contact the Engineer’s office at 609-628-2011 ext. 244 for more information.

There are no areas in the Township that require spraying for 2018

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